Meat Puppets — Forbidden Places lyrics

You said I shouldn't have gone
I don't know I went ahead on anyway
Night time wore to dawn
I found my free will had gone away from me
Behind the masks that pass for faces
Hours are lost in forbidden places
Nowhere for me to run
Not that I feel like running anywhere anyway
Some things are clear at night
Then become confusing in the light of day
Within the darkness
Behind the faces
Pioneers of forbidden places
Something I wouldn't have thought
Crept up from behind me now it's here to stay
Too real although it's not
Couldn't have possibly been avoided anyway
The crazy landscapes behind the faces,
Holding back the forbidden places
Abolished music, lost for ages
The living words of forbidden pages
Though dust has gathered on honest feeling
Forbidden truths through twilight stealing
And in the eyes of the listless faces
Glisten hints of forbidden places
Six Gallon Pie (instrumental)
Total Time: 37. 51
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