Meat Puppets — Melons Rising lyrics

Mercy monster grant your doom
Encase your brain in an airtight tomb
Forget that the tree bears good fruit to eat
Chop it down and burn it for temporary heat
I'm not putting you down, don't get me wrong
I realize the number of trips other than the one I'm on
But I demand the same and I most surely condone
That you all realize it and leave me alone
Glowing members of the radiant mush
Squeeze down hard and feel the bones crush
Mechanical children in a metal town
Open your eyes and watch the rats drown
There's never been a book of rules, and those
That say there is are fools, the rain falls
Softly on the barren trees
Across the ocean blows a little breeze
Soon my factory's gonna shut down
I'll go back to the accepting ground
But until that day this walking mire
To greater heights will aspire
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