Megadeth — Black Curtains lyrics

Hey... Look around you
Everything's helter skelter
Listen up... I warn you
Run for cover, run
Bang... It happened
Time's up, armageddon
Fire... Meltdown
The sky is crumbling in

Black curtains... Never ending

Escape... You're joking
Can't find no place to run
Hair... Is burning
My flesh is bubbling up
Blood... Is boiling
Taste copper on my toungue
Fate... Is coming
Welcome it with a smile

Black curtains... Never ending, fall

Am I dreaming? My heart pounds my chest
Held for ransom in a spider's web
Suffocating, no one hears my calls
Never ending, till the black curtain falls

Snakes... Surround me
Offering their death kiss to me
Down... I'm drowning
How long, I hold my breath
Dogs, are chasing,
My legs are paralyzed
Pray... Don't find me
My life is fading fast
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Songwriters: Friedman, Marty / Menza, Nick / Mustaine, Dave / Ellefson, David
Black Curtains lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC