Melanie Thornton — I Wish It Was Love lyrics

Music by mitchell lennox & julien nairolf
Lyrics by melanie thornton, mitchell lennox & julien nairolf

I wish it was love
I wish it was freedom
Many times I thought that it was meant to be
I gotta feel love
I gotta feel a reason
To wash away the fear

Verse 1
No more games to play
No more words to say
I'm sorry, there is nothing more to say
For my heart to heal
This is how I feel
So sorry, there is nothing more to say

I see it now like the rain is falling
Falling from the clouds that hide the sun
It's over now, a new day is dawning
It's time we go our own way


Verse 2
No more hearts to break
Promises to make
Me sorry, I've nothing more to give
Now the time is here
And I have no fear
I'm not sorry - for all I can forgive


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