Memento — Nothing Sacred lyrics

Since water of the world
I knew I'd have to face you
The colour of my bites
Yes they remind me of you
In your blood I write
I am not afraid
This is who I am
And I will never be like you
I do not kneel
All I'm asking
Is nothing sacred anymore?
Sailing through the flood
Why did he keep two of you
Splinter in your mind's eye
My Phoenix rises to swoop
Still floating in the gray water of your womb
Take the edge of my thumbs
Bury the nails deep into your eyes
Maybe then you'll see my light
I'd rather crawl, drooling with the beggars
They've got more to say
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Songwriters: Arnold, Nicholas / Clark, Steve / Cotta, Justin / Smith, Jason
Nothing Sacred lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group