Memory Garden — Carved In Stone lyrics

[Words: A. Looström Music: T. Björn, A. Looström, S. Berglund]

Come and burn with me
I have something you must see
The imitation of being
Can be so revealing
Like a tug in a floodgate
In the leash breeding on hate
Our ancestors did the same
Just another face and another name

A vapid taste of onus
It's our eternal penance
Swept away with the flood
Awakening in knee deep mud
Our darkest day like marionettes made of clay
Turned from a calm dreamer
Into a panicing screamer

I will be forever, forever carved in stone

A darkening era has come
For a moment I was done
Seek and ye shall find
As the time groans in my mind
This road to nevermore turns and wind
The way to our own kind

I will be forever, forever carved in stone
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