Mercyful Fate — Listen To The Bell lyrics

(music: shermann/lyrics: diamond)

Up in the hills where the sun goes down
There's an old black church and a broken town
The sun goes down
The trees are dead and the river is dry
And they blame it all on the old belfry
The devils cry

Why? why? why? listen to the bell
Why? why? why?
Listen to the bell and it just might tell you why

Solo: denner

It's a dark and lonely road to the old belfry
And if you're alone, you'll never the shadows
Everywhere I hear the devils cry

Why? why? do the devils cry?
Why? why? why? do the devils cry?

Solo: shermann

I have seen the gateway that leads beyond
So far away from the burning sun
I've seen the maker, I've seen the taker
I've seen whatever you call them there
The blazing ruby eyes in the old belfry

Listen to the bell if you wanna know why
You gotta listen to the bell
And then you just might hear the sound of hell

Why? ...why? ...why? gotta tell me why
Why? ...why? why do the devils cry?

Why? ...why? why do the devils cry?
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