Method Man — Tear It Off lyrics

"Tear It Off" (feat. Redman) [Intro:] [Redman] Yo man glorious This is protected (?) [Method Man] And Tical [Redman] Slap it down [Method Man] Way out of bound [Redman] Roll in a towel [Method Man] Fo' we gun down [Verse 1:] [Redman] Yo, flipmode, toiletbowls explode Grip fo's When Doc come drop a shitload Mushrooms, dick those Deep pistol Whip hoes I bitch O's Money, Roll, I stick a zipcode Tiptoed, before Doc escape row Thirsty, snippin' out a pig nose My Benz too, with wings and 6-0's My flows is North Pole cold My hands got area's that fits snow Doc, fixin' hoes in disco's Shows, Niggas pack 6 rolls My dogs let 'em walk with ripped clothes We're losin' 'em His hart won't get pulse Pack you bags off a 10 percent doze (?), I could hum and shit cold [Chorus:] [Redman] Yo, yo tear the roof off Yo, yo tear the roof off Back off, don't make me shoot y'all You don't You don't want to fuck with us [Verse 2:] I get scanned, rip sand [Method Man] Pistol, lick ground With this stick style Get off my dick now Kick crowd, hot style You-get-shot-style Timid, scared to get in it These dogs is rock rowd Unchained, untained, you know my name It's not a game Act strange, pack flame You can feel yo The I'll flows, that kills shows Go for real dough Kickin' in you do', like a steel Y'all gon learn I spit germs When you come shot on Big Worm You gets burned Punks don't get turned, they get done And get sun, come get some The last victim lye in a ditch Now who wanna fuck with Hot Nick Niggas chew gum with they ass and pop shit Me and Funk Doc get, toxid Up all the rightness Go make your Wu just imposters I'm chopstick [Chorus:] [Verse 3:] [Redman] You try to O.K Corel With Doc and Meth Tical Barsaloon fight without weapons out Strechmarks like Belly on Kevin ?Lous? Hoes play wifey, wanna settle down On yard to score, only second down Try to lock cash, bitch better bounce Boyfriend jumpin', Meth shut 'em down Pound to echo loud, bout 7 miles Doc, dirty Jersey, hunt 'em down Uncut rhymes, won't even fit your foul Baddest man out the bunch, pick 'em out Drunk with a gun, miss you hit the crowd Snitches, someone kiss to stitch you mouth Wilder then rhinos or liquor trous Mrs. how Mary-Ann, dick 'em out Ginger watch with the gun and skip a mouth Love the ruckas and love to dish it out 3 watched MC's, start wristin' out Get your whole camp put on the missile foul Pushin' 12 out, bumpin' digital [Chorus] [Verse 4:] [Method Man] We just ice [Redman] Men of mice, ain't nothing nice Fuck you like Your thight is to light to fight [Method Man] We move right, on fright night When Niggas write We bust pipe, condo's that suck thight We all right, you all hype and war's right And half dead, blasted on glass bed In the Source, with half mic, you half liked (?), eyes red, the hashhead Burn somethin', earn somethin' and learn somethin' Take my turn frontin' Def Jam ain't heard nothin', yet Suspect, ruffnecks Buck 'em down or you get busted Never leave home without my musket Thrust this, out for justice, clown And caught on Judgement Day, call Joe Brown Take MC's to town if they start blawn Ashes to ashes, they all fall ground Master you bastards with hazardous tactics Send my automatic full rap metal jacket Blasted in plastic your brain on the mattrress All you kids ask backwards and visa versa [Chorus:] [Outro:] [Redman] Come on, yo tear the roof off Nigga, yo tear the roof off Back off, don't make me shoot y'all You don't want to fuck with us You don't Huh Yo, You don't want to fuck with us You don't Yo, You don't want to fuck with us You don't
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