Mi6 — Rx7 lyrics

I've walked this road, a thousand times before
It just breaks down on me, mazda machinery
A rusted shell from, nineteen eighty four
And so i try to find, inside my feeble mind
A way, to fix my mistakes
Oh my god,
My innocent fascade
There's no appologies, for all the pieces that are found
And i still believe,
There's somethin up my sleeve
It just left my transmission on the ground

Replacement parts, aren't always hard to find
Cause there's a million more, down on the basement floor
The perfect time, to leave it all behind
Drove it into the ground, it makes a funny sound
So then, i'll turn it on again
I haven't much to say today
Cause you want me to throw it all away
And everytime, i think i'm doin fine
You find some other way, to break apart today
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