Mia Doi Todd — I Gave You My Home lyrics

I gave you my home.
I gave you my hope.
The walls, they surround us,
Unbound us. We are one.

I gave you my heart.
I gave you my art.
All of creation
Is here in my kitchen.
Soup is on.

Lover, lover.
Come on over.

You gave me your home.
You gave me your hope,
Built us an altar
Of bronze and redwood timber.
The stairs are done.

You gave me your heart.
You gave me your art,
Drawings and flowers
And so many hours.
Night has come.

Lover, lover
Roll on over.

We woke up from dreams,
Took turns at the sink.
We crawl back into bed.
There are eggs for an omelette,
If you're hungry.

Lover, lover
Turn me over.
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Songwriters: MIA DOI TODD
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