Michael Fredo — Love All Over Again lyrics

My state of mind, my state of heart
You are the reason, you play the greatest part
When you're around me
Oh baby when you're gone it's still the same

I told myself never again
No sleepless nights and days of endless pain
I saw it coming and so I tried to hide my heart away

Just when I thought my heart was safe
You make me fall in love all over again
No matter how I run, I just keep on falling in love all over again

What is this thing you do to me
Why can't I break away, why can't I just be free
I guess that love is why I can't walk away from you

To you I guess my love belongs
Do with it what you want to
Baby right or wrong
I understand there is no getting over you


I'm not gonna fight baby, I give in
Give in to you now
It's gonna be right because
As much as I tried, girl I can't let you go
No I can't let you go
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Songwriters: SKINNER RENN
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