Michael Penn — Evenfall lyrics

If you wipe the slate
Let me start again from this moment on
We've been through this before
Every single time that I thought you had gone
Well I'm out of reserve
I'm out of my wherewithal,
But when the moment comes
When I've got nothing left
I find I've got it all
See what I know
I can't always believe
A poison kiss
Can taste like a reprieve
And once again, I'm caught up from the evenfall.
I know it's late
I'm never in this frame of mind any earlier
I can judge the hour by
How much of what I see
Is no more than a blur
Well I'm down on my knees
Looking for some kind of antidote
When that moment comes
I keep one thing in mind that keeps my head afloat
What I believe
Ain't always what I feel
Another chance can sting like naked steel
And once again I'm caught up from the evenfall
It's a mystery can't you see
Why you'd still be here with me
I don't need no guarantee
But don't even turn from me
Don't ever turn me away.
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