Michelle Branch — Push It All Away lyrics

Pieces of your picture
Lay strewn across the floor
These songs are just a bunch of words
That I can't touch no more

I've got to get away
From everything you touched
They could all be erased
But it's just not enough

Push it all away
If you think that I can say
With a smile, "It's all OK"
Oh, I should push it all away
But that's all that I could say
Oh, push it away, oh, push it all away

I can't walk back that road now
It reminds me of you
And baby, it slows me down
But I'll take the other route

Rain falls on my window
I wonder what it's like
I know you're sleeping in your bed
You never have to try


I can see it now
The van is all packed up
Off it goes, carrying my life
Carrying my luck
Carrying my love

Chorus x 2

Oh, push it all away
Oh, push it all away
Why'd you have to break my heart again?
Push it all away
All away, all away
Push it all away
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