Mike Heron — Warm Heart Pastry lyrics

"Tommy and the Bijoux": guitar, bass, drums
John Cale: viola
Sue Sunny, Liza Strike: backing vocals

Hey I know your faces and you've sent them here before
Drinking my wine, dropping your ash on my floor, I'm waiting
And when you call, bring it all
I'm thin and I'm getting thinner
Hey I'm a hungry man and you know I ain't taling 'bout grits
Yeah I'll bid for the puzzle cause I think I know how it fits
You could be fat as a hog, still you want to chew it
One day you're gonna find out - hot dog doesn't do it
Warm heart pastry
Talkin' bout warm hot pastry sure nuf I am
Hey I'm a hungry man and you know I ain't talkin'bout grits
Just look at you, you got a sour lemon stuck where a smile oughta fit
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