Mindy Smith — You Just Forgot lyrics

Well, I know that you love me
I know you think of me a lot
And I know that you care
And you wish I was there when I'm not

From the first of the year to the last of December
It seems all I do is try not to remember
That you just forgot
Yeah, you just forgot

Well, I'm sure that you miss me
And I know that someday you'll be back
I must have dissected your mind
Wondering why didn't I think of that

And the first thing I do when the light hits the window
Is think about you and then think it's so simple
As you just forgot
Yeah, you just forgot

I bet you tied a string on your finger
Left the trail some time behind you
You keep on going on your pillow to remind you
To remind you

That you just forgot
Yeah, you just forgot
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