Mint Condition — So Fine lyrics

O'dell, Stokley)
This is for all these
Special people whom God has created
Who he put on this earth
So beautiful indeed...
The woman
Such a beautiful lady
The kind you find in a dream
And dreams are so real for me
With eyes so warm and soothing
They put me in a trance
And I imagine us by the warm cozy fireplace
The light shines on your face
Your smile gets me higher and higher
My heart starts to race
I gotta say what I feel
Cause girl you look so good to me
So fine lady
So fine you sway me
So fine lady
So fine you sway me
Can't believe my eyes
Take me for a ride
Such a woman of quality
Your body's so supreme
When you dance you sway so elegantly
Girl you simply dazzle me
You put me in a trance
And I imagine you and me
Just kissin away
My fingers in your hair
Your embrace holds tighter and tighter
Your touch makes me say
I gotta stop to look
Cause girl you look so damn good to me

Guitar solo
Adlib til the end of song
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Songwriters: Lewis, Keirston Jamal / Williams, Stokley Mandella / O'Dell, Homer Roderick / Kinchen, Ricky / Allen, Jeffrey Stephen / Waddell, Lawrence El Grecco
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