Mississippi Fred Mcdowell — Will Me Your Gold Watch And Chain lyrics

Should happen to go the army, baby
I want you t'will me your watch an chain
Should happen to go to the army
Will me your watch an chain
Ya have to promise me, babe
You won't fool around with no other man here

Just like a soldier
Babe, right on the battlefield
Just like a soldier, darlin'
Honey, out on that battlefield
You know by that, honey
You know just however I feel

I've got my questioneer and baby
They need me in the war
Got my questioneer, darlin'
And need me baby in the war
Got a questioneer, darlin'
Need me in the war

Yeah, darlin'
Baby, don't you weeping moan
Yeah, darlin'
Honey, don't you weeping moan
When that war is over
Your daddy'll be back home

Hey, baby
Don't you crowd yo mind
Yeah, little girl
Don't you crowd yo mind
Hey, little girl
Please don't you crowd your mind.

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