Mississippi Fred Mcdowell — You Gonna Be Sorry lyrics

Lord, you gon' be sorry
Ever done me wrong
Gon' be sorry
Lord, ya ever done me wrong

Woman unk: 'Tell it with excitement'

Gon' be too late, baby
Lord, an' I'll be gone
'Fred, pay me! '

Lord, don't come a-runnin'
Lord, baby, screamin' and cryi-ii-in'
Don't come here runnin' back
Honey, Lord, screamin' and cryin'

Lord, you got a home
You got a home, baby
Lord, long as I got

Me an' my white dog started
Baby, walkin' out in Jackson Park
Me an' my white dog started, honey
Walkin' out in Jackson Park
Here it takes a man's appetite, Lord
Honey, hear my white dog bark

You know, I'm goin' to Memphis
I'm gon' stop on Easin' street
You know I'm goin' a-Memphis, baby
I'm 'on stop oh on Easin' street
I want some-a you women
I want some-a you women, please
Show me to reach here in peace
So I won't be dodging ev'ry
Ev'ry long tall man I meet

Let me tell you somethin', baby
Honey, please don't crowd your mind
Let me tell you something
Lord, please don't crowd your mind
'i don't Fred'
First thing you know, baby
You be gone
A pity it t'ain't yo' plan

Lord, I start to holler loud
But I b'leve
I b'lieve I will murmur, low
Lord, I start to holler
B'lieve I will murmur, low.

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