Mist Of Avalon — Bed Of Fear lyrics

I'm lying in a bed of fear
It's a feeling that's no stranger to me
It all started with a deadly kiss
Sometimes it's hate
And it's growing strong inside of me again
It's a pure instinct from me hard
It's a feeling uglier than the devil himself
And it's colder than the coldest wind
This feeling is buried deep in my soul

I don't know what to do, there is no remedy for this
When I'm lying in this bed of fear everything turns into ashes
And for you who gave me this deadly kiss
I have no feeling left but hate
And it comes from my heart
Hate grows stronger and stronger in my mind

When it comes to fear, death is the only thing I can hear
I wish that all of this could be an evil dream
But the only dream I have is when I look deep inside
My enchanted mirror made of my dreams
I want to escape this world to the world of my mirror
Where fear no longer exist
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