Morbid Angel — Secured Limitations lyrics

Secured limitations
You created this thing you call sin

A guide for the undisciplined sheep
Through the pain and denial the pleasure reaped
A freedom contained within a shell
And all that's without you call hell
You scorn our existence
Shall the unclean come and infect you

Unclean despising our ways

And the random perplexing the fled
Behind the walls of concrete, they hide
Secured limitations
For our ways, disheveling your hold
From uncertainties the god-mind knows
But you can't, through the concrete
And from the nothingness, all the wines flow
The affluence, the-mother's gift
You scorn our existence
Unclean despising our ways

Shall the unclean come and inflect you
For the heathens have chosen a different light

For the freedoms and prisons are in the mind
And the vision of the all through the inner sight
Secured limitations
From the uncertainties the god-mind knows
And from the nothingness all the wines flow
The affluence, the god-mother's gift
But you can't see, through the concrete
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