Mortal — Rift lyrics

You say you'll lift me up
You say you'll cover me
You say you'll fill my cup
Before it empties
You say you're never far
You say not far from me
You say that where you are i'll
Always be
And I believe you
You say that when you love
You love with all your might
You say you trust by faith and
Not by sight
And I believe... You
I believe you, I believed you
You said you'd lift me up
You said you'd cover me
You said you'd nurse my cuts
You stare and watch me bleed
Your eyes have seen The Glory
But your body's on hold
Your lips have kissed The
But your story's leaving me
Sometimes our lives depend
On that which we place faith in
And sometimes faith relies
In Whom we are depending
Sometimes our broken hearts
Are healed the moment we
Believe Again
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