Morten Abel — You Are Beautiful lyrics

Ever since I met you babe
I've never had call for a miserable day
You fill in the colors in my life
When everything else is grey
Never a dull, never a dead moment
Far away from the ordinary
There's something very special
'bout the way you make me feel
I don't worry 'bout tomorrow anymore
Because I never had to
There is no other way
Than to be happy and I am with you
Does anybody know how it feels
Let Love become your alibi
I know I'm gonna keep you at least
Till the day I die
You are beautiful
Springtime is a comin'
And I'm whistling on a melody line
Wake up in the morning
Haven't felt like this in a very long time
Hey everyone, let me tell you something
Never give up if you're looking for love
No never give up my friends if you're looking for love
When your desire for living
Has turned out to be a troubled disease
And chemical connections makes you
Really really hard to please
All I want is food on the table cooked for me
By my beautiful wife
I'll eat and watch her breast feed
The little miracle brought to life
You are beautiful
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Songwriters: SHEREE BROWN
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