Motorpsycho — Manmower lyrics

It wouldn? T work, it? S getting stronger
Can? T be controlled any longer
There's only guilt, there is no feeling of beauty left
What was so free is getting locked up
Emotion-motion is dead stopped
There? S just remorse, there is no hunger, no craving left
But I see what you mean-I wish I was 16

I? M not there, only choking
It shuts down when I? M toking
On the air, the musky odors of yesterday
Only numb, growing colder
Don? T need heat to make this solder
Feels like I? M rustin g from this apathic decay
But I know how it feels to be underneath those heels..

Now I? Ve got nothing more to say
And I got burned on the way
You drugged me, fed me,
Took me with you to whereever you? D go;
You swallowed me whole
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