Motorpsycho — Trapdoor lyrics

It?s such a sorry sight to see you now
I swear it hurts me to the bone
how cone I never see you laugh anymore?
you could?ve been made outta stone

from far away I thought I heard you call my name
but I tell you I ain?t coming back again
if you don?t know how to shut that trapdoor tight
I just can?t help you through the night

gone are those lovely eyes that I once knew
why can?t I see them anymore
if there is anything that I can do
you?ll have to open up the door
standing on your back-porch
lookin in your window
it felt like summertime had blown a fuse
I smashed that window,
and cut my wrist wide open
why can?t this feeling just bleed away
bleed away....

from far away,.........etc
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