Mu330 — Tell Another One lyrics

You put me in a tough spot assuming
That I think just like you do I'm not your idiot
Won't eat the racist crap you spew and you put
Me in a rough spot, 'cause I didn't really want to
Walk all the way home, but I shoulda said something
Instead I just sat there and got pissed
You're such a racist piece of this is where I
Say what a jerk you are, here's what I say
What a jerk you are, Tell another one,
Tell another one I felt so spineless sitting in your backseat
Biting my lip, I knew I should've said something
But I didn't have the guts it eats me up
This is what I say what a jerk you are [x2]
The jokes you told you took 'em too far
This is where I say what an ass you are [x2]
I didn't have the guts that night in your car
So this is where I say what an ass you are
Tell another one, tell another one
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