Murphy Lee — Murphey Lee (Feat. Zee) lyrics

U make a brotha wanna faint (daaaaaaaaamn)
Or put u on a plate sock u up wit a muthafuckin biscuit
Man it was a house party
Ayo i probly sound corny
I got oatmeal hormones ma instantly horny
I mean...the way u carry yaself
I mean..if i was u i'd probly marry myself
I mean ya eyes did i say ya ass i mean ya eyes
Face bangin haven't even got to ya thighs
I mean the walk to walk is like the matrix
I can set a drink on that ass if i had nowhere to place it face it
How could anybody dislike u
These otha girls r coo but not quite like u
I mean... ayo i focus on my past a lot but relationships like twista gotta hold ya spot
I mean... and u kno that my time is skimpy
If im the only one in ya heart then it's probly empty girrrrrrl

Ooooooooohh murphy murphy lee
Ooooooooohh things ain't wut they used to be noooooo
But ever since u hit tha road ive been spittin this relationship and im so in luv it makes me sick
Ooooooooohh murphy murphy leeeee
Ooooooooohh things ain't wut they used to be noooooo
I can't spend this time alone
I teel ya without u
U make me stroooooooooooonger

Ya too fly to ba askin a guy why
All my life luv kept on passin me by
U can't change a woman by diamond chainin her
Chains don't make change mathematically train her
Its a 2 way thing got scott tell the motorola
Wit high chairs and baby strollers
I be the sun u be the moon let the kidz be the stars
I kno who u is u kno who u r
And wen the door close u kno i ain't goin that far
U got keys to erry house keys to erry car
And hell yea i need luv to like LL
I must be on neptune cuz luvs pharell but still
Ya not fa much so girl it ain't no rushin
But respect how it's always mo talkin then touchin
Seein u no frontin
Is way better then nuthin
And it means sum to me so if u want it speak on it girrl


Ur a housewife
The type a girl that always no wut time it is the tick tock type
Keep ya own shoes tied
Push ya own ride
Quick to giv me money wen my bills too high
I need top notch sex
Wash dishes and sweep mop topless
Never giv me stress luv wen i god bless
Makin luv to the mind boo can be a mental mess
And u don't like me like shaft but im ya luva mon
On the otha hond can't stand u wit a nutha mon
I went from timberlands tuxedos comabuns
I gotta fast pase girl i don't wanna run
I can't help it i ain't ready
But u c havin a steady girl is a different world like freddy
Luv is deadly in the shower singin medlies
I'll make it up if ya let me girrrl

Zee (hook)
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