Mushroomhead — Indifferent lyrics

Distraught in deprived thought within a golden rave
I make it a point of being pointless pointless

Brainwash it all away distressed
And I detest distressed and I detest

Vain in a shade of gray vain in a shade of gray
Telegraphing all of my punches
Couldn't fight couldn't fight my way out of a cardboard box
And in my own small way I make an indifferent,
Difference I realize, I fantasize, I apologize

I'm sorry crawling under a rock I hold up a white flag
I hold up a white flag I could of been,
I should of been I'm just a has been

I hold up a white flag responsibility, rationale,
Religion I hold my head down in disgust distressed
And I detest distraught in deprived thought
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