Must — Odyssey lyrics

I am a loner roaming my desire
Chasing the sun beyond the grave
My companions will be many
Most will come and go
Yes my fortune will be great
And as I leave I can only smile
For the eagle that carries my eye
Sees death and evolution
And in my prime I'm going to act as I am blessed

For only once will I live
No I don't believe in any afterlife or coming back
There's so much I want to see and hold and understand
For only once will I live
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Somewhere along the way the dream started killing me
A frozen heart in this city's mind
She fed me the earth I witnessed the flatline deviate
Four billion years erupt inside

Now I feel like god's God on a maniac peak
I can hear the angels' violins weeping sweet
And as I long for what I've never found
Yet another tongue slides down my stomach

And I will always love you deep inside
Ikuisseste ihana
But with you I simply slide
And I can't be like that, running