My Bitter End — Finding Level Ground lyrics

Now the water is rising,
Up to meet us above the ground
And the setting of tides still life
Life was a fury you falsely denied
Its talking back,
And now the water is rising
And now the water is rising

My time
To see sleep coming
Try out
The sleep that we rely on

They let their sons just F. Kn drown
Let them F. Kn drowned.

Now I will stay afloat,
And I will abonden the ones I've claimed to love

And I will abandon the ones I love.

Ease time buy

Its deep besides, the sea is storming through with ease,
The service of this day will read..
As we float
Lifeless drift
Through this place, everyone looks the same but we float
As we float
As we float
Lifeless sleep.

This water crashes towards the ground where we all.
And this water is blamed, a shame, the errors of love

Black water decays away what we once called our own,
Leaving the wreck something rechid and old
Loved what we owned leave it to god
To leave us or throw us aside
As we float,
As we still float,
Well still float..
No love lost,
Seize upon the dead
Now I will lay in rubbell
No pain
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