My Friend Steve — Carflips lyrics

Let it be said I sold you out
For the teeth that ache inside my mouth
All my affairs have just turned south for the way you're hassling me
My claim to fame
Made me ashamed of the artifact that bears my name
Anyhow we know that it's all the same

When the car flips over the people fall out
This is not something I can laugh about
Somewhere there's a home where they're being missed
Somewhere there's a wall beaten by a fist

In candid talks I beg of you
To cut all ties of you
Better life comes to better lives
Than the one you lead

She was pretty enough to have just once
Then you left quite quietly
As we all watched her belly swell
We prayed a curse on you

Going, "Why God? Why God? Why God now?"
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Songwriters: STEVE BURRY
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