Mystic — Girlfriend Sistagirl lyrics

Um... I know I don't know you or nothin but can you just bump my shit?
You was just a young girl when you got turned out
Sneakin out the window of ya mother's house, no doubt
Just to mash off in a drop-top Impalla
Under shinin stars wit the nigga who clockin dollar's
You was thinkin you was really gon run game
Wait two weeks to give it up and feel no pain
Babygirl, you picked the wrong balla
He was raised by mack's and pimps, model let him follow
Niggas break bitches in the streets of the "O"
You was thinkin you was different cause he told you so
Just knowin you in love, would'nt listen to a thing
It's followed by the danger's that this thug life brings
He gave you clothes and rings, moved you out the crib
Put his dough up in yo closet, taught you how to live
But when 5-0 raided, he wasn't no where around
Now you doin hard time, rockin a felony crown
Girlfriend sistagirl, you a precious queen
In a twisted world
Lookin for love, in all the wrong places
Givin up things that can't be replaced
Girlfriend sistagirl, you are the mother of the world
He'll break you down, he'll make you cry
You were born to sing, and you were made to fly
[Verse 2:]
Manifested on this earth as a heavenly angel
Found the blocks you own, make life dark and tangled
Small sacrifices, repented in church
Halfway down the block, rollin up ya skirt

Hide some of these factor's off by glass and baggy's
As the one you always wanted, roll by and floss caddy's
You never gave a damn bout rules and regulations
Hard livin mixed wit swoll eyes, and??????
So a way out, that's all you ever wanted
So while the whole hood judged, you f
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