Nancy Ames — He Wore The Green Beret lyrics

My true love
Wore the green beret
His head held high
As he would say

I will fight for you
And for our son
And someday soon
This war will be done

His mom and dad
Would always say
Why did they take
Our boy away

And they would ask
The Lord each night
To bring him home
And end this fight

And now our friends
Are coming by
To comfort me
As they see me cry

Here's the mail
That came today
His silver wings
And green beret

Who can explain
The reason why
He had to fight
And had to die

When there is peace
And men are free
We'll know he died
For you and me

You men out there
In the Green Berets
You men who share
The highest praise

Though my love died
I'm proud to say
His son will wear
The Green Beret
His son will wear
The Green Beret
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