Natas — Sunday School lyrics

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I, don't know what you beliven in but, I hope you believen in me N
anusf k**yo G O. D. my, religion is reality see, [Chorus

don't wanna go to church (no I don't wanna go to church) X3 I
don't wanna go to church (no I don't wanna go) See

I, can't step up in yo cathedral I
might bleed you I
don't need you to tell me who made me I
don't believe you My
thoughts bust F
can I trust What's
the fuckin purpose If
I took a little ride on that church bus I'd
cuss out the rev Bust
and size out his head My
holy bible collects dust Cause
it's never been read So
what is evil What
is my evil I
see you people hate me Cause
I wont step up in your steeple But
oh no [Chorus!


sick in the head So
I tried to kill a priest But
now I'm killing time I'm
in the belly of the beast No
study the bible Bloody
rifle The
disciple of natas Satan
suicide Murder
ride And
I'm the dri-va Bloods
in my mouth Mixed
with my sali-va I'm
screamin out Jesus Christ Bloody
murder crucified, When
I close my eyes Got
visions of when he died And


f k**the reverin 187
never seen a church I
never been to church I
never liked church So
what is this sac religious mohta fucka Sayin
to me Runnin
around Screamin
out blaz 4 me The
holy bible burns my hands when I touch it I
can't clutch it So
motha f k**it I
do with out it Simple
reasons keep me from sayin the lords prayers Truth
or dares And
f k**them n s****who scared Who
cares [Chorus

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