Nekromantix — Haunted Cathouse lyrics

The stripper mummy's death dance
Out of the tomb comes s*** zombies
Causes shiver and earthquake's
Dead corpses awakes
The restless headless horseman
A guana smelling witch is
Is looking for his hat
Upstairs the frenzy she-devils
Eating coffinnails with a bat
Tempts with wild mad sin you know
Demended bondage are go

I recommend iternal torment
Back in that old Haunted Cathouse
Back in that old Haunted Cathouse
If only I could turn back time
All pleasures were for free
Where everybody used to go
Well that's where I would be

Bloody Mary and King Kong
Is kissing while lost soul's cry
Hand in hand watching meteors
And stars on the midnight sky

A ghastly krew of wicked men
Arrives in the Batmoblie
Klingon's drunk flying
Their ufo.. Uuuh what a thrill
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