Nesian Mystik — Unity lyrics

There exists no force That could ever hold us back From the mic comes forth The cause to counteract There exists no force That could ever hold us back Unified expression Armed with intention Together were stepping forward Side by side allied not competition Collective in vision uplifting Unity creates steps to propel The mass who excel through walls keeping them down oh Who be the soul rebels coming with the cause So all my soldiers put your hands up Fusing gaps bridging the journey Tou rourou Taku rourou Kia ora e te iwi Community powerful Invincible this entity pure strength exhumed through unity Galvanised marching forward My people lets unite So don't worry about a thing cause every little thing is going to be alright The movements coming get on board or jump ship We aint going no where if the force aint equipped So heres what we gone do, let our powers combine Generate the voltron effect components intertwine Barriers fall, similar to riot squads Limitless exploration we roam, gather resource Reaching above and beyond, given the chance we form A greater alliance more capable to perform Against the hate we decrease and disconnected energies Disinfecting all threats of dislocating our peace As long as were moving in a positive direction It don't matter your complexion or even what section
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