Never Heard Of It — Up All Night lyrics

Another miserable Day I didn't
Sleep once again please tell me
Why am I this way lately this is
How it's been I've got so much
On my mind I'm waiting for the
Day to find the answers to my
Troubles am I safe or am I in...

Shut the door on your way out
Leave me empty let me shout
Let me walkd own my own road
Hide from the input run from doubt
Dissolving clouds I'll think about
This one I Know I can decode

And I don't know what to belive
Reasons I know I can't say you
Say them anyway and I don't
Know what to belive
(And now you're telling me,
What you want me to be
And I don't want to be like you)

I light with myself evryday I'm
Miserable when will it end I
Search to find something to say
I need some help I need a friend
I feel I'm constantly behind I feel
Left out I feel so blind but I want
To be someone

I've always tried to do my best
Although it seems impossible
It's not a test I've always tried
To be like you and throw my
Insecurities away

The suns not out it'll be okay
Who are you anyway
The suns not out and it'll be okay
I'll be myself today
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