New Amsterdams — Strangled By The Thought lyrics

Weak from lack of oxygen,
Strangled by the thought.
Promise you'll remember when I'm gone,
Sleep is mostly optional.
Trace lines around my heart,
Steal the only breath from my lungs.
And if I had your faith,
Id be fearless.
But until that day,
I'm envious.
Miles and miles that distance us,
Like meters on a map.
Trace lines that only translate to a day.
But if your awake,
Tell me it's safe.
If you ask me to stay,
Then I'll stay.
Don't leave me here,
When I'm bleedin,
When I'm fadin,
When I'm true,
And it's tempting.
Would you stop everything,
When I'm pourin out to you?
So take everything,
Take it all from me.
All I want,
All I want is you.
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