New Kids On The Block — I Remember When lyrics

Days are gone but my love lives on in this space and time.
I remember playing the games, funny nicknames, and all the sunny days,
That shine so brightly.
I keep remembering when we started together as friends.
I keep remembering when we were together forever.

The promise we made still stays in my head like the melody.
I remember favorite songs we heard all night long in the candlelight
Still shines so brightly.
I keep...

I bet you didn't know how much I loved you.
I bet you didn't know just how much I care.
Little girl, whenever I'm around you, all in love is fair, girl.
I keep... (repeat & fade)
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Songwriters: Randolph, Jimmy / Johnson, Larry Curtis / Kelly, Eban / Williams, Charlie
I Remember When lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group