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Do you think about me when you're layin next to him,
How I used to flex you right, how I used to hold you tight,
How you get all sticky with me and you makin love all night.
You're there with him settlin for less knowing I'm second best,
I toss and turn can't rest,
I know you think of the night you slept with your head on my chest,
I can't imagine you're happy with him, I confess,
To have had the chance to love you, I feel blessed,
When I see my princess, how my heart pounds in my chest,
I just can't let you go and I gotta know, do you think about me.
As I reminisce of the love we shared baby you know I care,
Anything you want, anything you need baby I'll be there,
Yes he's dirty mac'd you left but I take you back,
Don't know what it is, you just got it like that,
You got me open baby, you got me goin crazy,
Just wanna hold on this love I got is so strong,
I just can't let you go, and I gotta, I gotta, I gotta know do you think about me.
Girl I know (I know yes) he can't love ya like me (he can't love ya like me)
I wanna love ya (completely) completely
Sweetly (so Sweetly) (baby)
I got more love (than you'll ever need) more love than you'll ever need
So girl let me show you oh Lord listen to me yea.
Baby I still love you I do, (baby i still love you I do)
I love, I love,i love you baby
Baby no matter where you're at, (baby I still love you I do)
And I gotta know, and I gotta know,
Baby do you think about, baby do you think about me.
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Songwriters: Alexander, Lance Mark / Huggar, Robert L. / Tolbert, Tony L
Do You Think About Me lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC