Nice & Smooth — Ooh Child lyrics

{*scratch: "Kick it, for me, one, time"*
{"Ohhhhh, Teddy Ted!"

[Smooth Bee]
Teddy Ted, that's what I said
He and Special K are like Barney and Fred
(Greg Nice) Smooth Bee is MC's
We grow from roots to trees and then leaves
When he's strollin, high-rollin
All the girlies on the block he's controllin
He's Teddy Ted baby, livin care free
You don't scare him, so don't fear him
We're all equal, so be peaceful

{*Teddy Ted scratches over an "Ooooh child" refrain 10X*
{"Ooooh child" sample repeats 4X more

{"Ooooh child" sample repeats 4X
{"Ohhhhh, Teddy Ted!", {"You are an expert"

[Greg Nice]
Teddy Ted, a pimp with a gangster limp
Class he's flowin like sand through the hourglass
He does work, he loves to flirt
{"Ohhhhh..", {"You are an expert"

{*Teddy Ted scratches over an "Ooooh child" refrain 9X*
{"slice'n'dice", {"expert"
{"Ooooh child", {"expert"
{"slice'n'dice, he.. he.."
{"Ooooh child", {"he, he, he loves to fade"
{"sip iced tea, and lay in the shade"
{"Ooooh child", {"you gaze.." {"You are an expert"
{"You gaze.. you gaze.. you gaze.."
{"You gaze be dazed as he will amaze!"
{"Ooooh child"
{"Be home by eleven!" -> Richard Pryor
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