Nightingale — Towards A Twilight Kiss lyrics

From worlds beyond worlds within worlds they came,
These thorns, merging into blossoms of agonizing light...
Never to burst into flower, for those who know are the bearers of fury,
So storm through my flaming balls, lord of all pain!
Forever in warfare is the passionate flesh,
Yet it colours my darkened path... So silently...
It is in it's eyes that I drown as they reflect myriads of sunsets,
Rushing towards a twilight kiss and horizons
Yet unseen within my pounding universe...
A drunk laugh, a vision under a liquid sky, grant me a spark of mine!
But those who caress the void are never to perceive,
So I declare the everdark, for this is the age of winterblood
And every scar is a triumph, if it only could be mine...
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