Nikki Leonti — So, Don't Worry lyrics

Some days are harder than others
And some days you don't care at all
But sometimes life throws us curves
Like darts against a wall
And there goes your human nature
Trying to break your fall
But, you can't heal your wounds
When all your strength is gone

So don't worry
Don't go fretting
There's an angel
On your shoulders
If He cares for the sparrow
How can He help but to hold you
So don't worry

That shade of blue
You've been wearing
I've worn it a time or two
When my world came closing around me
You know depression can strangle you
Like a rope around your neck
But, don't you give up yet
'Cause Love is here
No need to fear


As close as the air you breathe
Mercy's hand is there to meet your need

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