Nikki Leonti — The Direction Of You lyrics

Watching the world take a turn from yesterday into today
Moving along until it is tomorrow
Watching my life go the way I know you're planning it to play
Saving my heart from a world sorrow
You're the truth I know, 'cause you told me
Holding all of the answers
I'm aiming at what really matters

Every beat I feel in my heart
All I am and all that I've got
Is moving in the direction of You
Only You...

You've opened my eyes to the way that I can freely live and grow
You've given me hope day after day
You've opened the door to the more and more
I wouldn't ever know
Only a fool would walk away
There You are with Your love and wisdom, motioning me to follow
Every day unto tomorrow


You're the truth, I see it so clearly
Holding all of the answers
Truly You are all that matters

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