Nkotb — Little Drummer Boy lyrics

Come, they told me, pa-romp-pa-pom-pom,
The newborn King you'll see, pa-romp-pa-pom-pom.
Our finest gifts we bring, pa-romp-pa-pom-pom,
To lay before the King, pa-romp-pa-pom-pom,
Romp-pa-pom-pom, romp-pa-pom-pom,
So to honor him, pa-romp-pa-pom-pom, when we come.

Little baby, pa-romp-pa-pom-pom,
I am a poor boy too, pa-romp-pa-pom-pom,
I have no gift to bring, pa-romp-pa-pom-pom,
That fit to give our King, pa-romp-pa-pom-pom,
Romp-pa-pom-pom, romp-pa-pom-pom,
Shall I play for you, pa-romp-pa-pom-pom, on my drum.

Mary nodded pa-rumpa-pom-pom,
The ox and lamb kept time pa-romp-pa-pom-pom,
I played my drum for him pa-romp-pa-pom-pom,
I played my best for him pa-romp-pa-pom-pom,
Romp-pa-pom-pom, romp-pa-pom-pom
Then he smiled at me pa-romp-pa-pom-pom, Me and My drum
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