No Question — Interlude lyrics

[man] hello
[woman] you ain't no damn good
[man] ho, ho, ho, slow down
[woman] so what you was out gettin' your party on, huh?
[man] yeah, I was at the club this weekend
[woman] yeah, my parents saw you all up on some gutted check
[man] here we go with this "he say, she say" stuff
[woman] my mom told me you wasn't no good
[man] what? I know your mom don't like me
But I don't care
[woman] I just can't trust you no more
[man] I just can't go on like this, I can't
[woman] we just need some time apart from each other
[man] huh? Well, if you feel like you gotta leave me
Do what you gotta do
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