Nodes Of Ranvier — New York City, 1963 lyrics

We could have had it all in our studio on 4th street
Every morning we rose with hope that we could change the world
Or at least one mind
The songs came from Harvard Square and no longer were so rare
The poets strummed their strings at the thought of changing things.
It started wtih Woodie G and came strong with Bobby D.
At night the bearded boys fled
And all the lank haired girls came too
To converted sandal shops to hear the words
They came to hear the words
They longed for another cause
And when the next day came they took action
My beautiful blue collared army
With eyes buried in books
You never saw it coming
The day your cause would come crashing
Because soon it went pop
But you never asked for San Francisco
And all that came with it
God get us back to nyc, 1963
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