Oak — Set The Night On Fire lyrics

Darkness brings a cool wind blowing
And the city streetlight's on
You've got the keys the convertible top's down
I've been waiting so long

How hot can we run
Before the morning sun

We're gonna set the night on fire
We're gonna burn it down with desire
We're gonna set the night on fire

Rock 'n roll on the radio
Midnight makes us bold
We find ourselves on a sea of lights
Then we loose control

How far will we go
Before our hearts say no

(Repeat chorus)

Blinded by the brightness of the fire burning in our eyes
Crazy with the power that we've captured from the midnight skies
The night burns bright

On the streets in a desperate fever
Flashing neon signs
We see our fears in the rear-view mirror
Leave them far behind

As the nights unwinds
We'll still be runnin' blind

(Repeat chorus)
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