Ocean Colour Scene — This Understanding - July/i Am The News lyrics

I get this understanding
It's like a living breath
And it grooves with the times
And it swings with the tune
And it flows until the end of rest

I get this understanding
It knocks at every door
And it keeps you awake
With a sweet elevate
And it keeps you running back for more

I get this understanding
On a night like tonight
And i'm driving and driving
And never arriving
But the way i'm singing oh so right

I get this understanding
When a fish when it's fried
And it's you coming home
And i'm being on my own
And we're shaking off the world outside

I get this understanding
It happens every day
When the truth or the blues
Is a ??? through my doors
And i save it for a better day

I get this understanding
When the music swings low
And i'm there on the floor
And i'm waiting for more
And i never never want to go home
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