Of Montreal — Like Ashoka's Inferno Of Memory lyrics

[Verse 1]
Music started, I woke, I can't laugh at myself
If I get joke, somebody's paying attention
And I'm cooking well without a concrete oof
He ran you without a single intelligent word
Sometimes you get the punch that somebody else deserved
But a man must tack his conquest, keep his spirits high
And I...

And I held you [?]
I just rolled my eyes, went back to my book
I realize then if I could know something alive in you
Something I could love, I think must I be dead
I ask if I could come visit her in her living grave
The place where she and her circumstantial husband stay
To whisk her away, or at least shake things out
But who am I to break up an unhappy home?
And you said you wanted to murder your rabbit heart
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Songwriters: KEVIN BARNES
Like Ashoka's Inferno Of Memory lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.