Olsen Twins — One Buffalo, Two Buffali lyrics

A goose and a goose make two geese.
A moose and a moose make two meese?
A mouse and a mouse make two mice.
A grouse and a grouse make grice? Greece.

One buffalo, two buffali.
Sounds good give it a try.
It may be wrong, it still might fly.
One buffalo, two buffali.

I don't think so.

An ox and an ox make oxan.
A fox and a fox make foxan?
A cow and a cow make cattle.
A sow and a sow make sattle? Seatle?

One kangeroo, two kangeri
works for me, give it a try.
May be wrong, it still might fly.
One kangeroo, two kangeri.

A whole bunch of kricetts make a rackett.
A whole pack of jackels make a jacket.
Bucks make a bucket.
Fucks make a fucket.
A whole bunch of duckets make a quack it?
Why not whack it.

A pooch and a pooch make two peach.
A leach and a leach make two looch?
A roach and a roach make two reach.
A priest and a priest make what preach?

One carraboo, two carrabi.
I love it, give it a try.
May be wrong, still might fly.
One carraboo, two carrabi.

12 inch worms make a foot worm.
Its one long skinny shaped worm.
Two foot worms make a feed worm.
You wanna lick my tape worm.

A ginue and a ginue make two ginnie.
A shrew and a shrew make two sherry?
A pair of cannaries, how sweet.
Thats called a Parakie.

One cocka two.
Two cocka four.
Why don't you move to the floor.
Adding a breast oh you whore.
One cocka two.
Two cocka four.

One buffalo, two buffali.
One karaboo, two karabi.
One kangeroo, two kangeri.
One buffaloo, two buffali.

Mary-Kate, whats a whole lot of baby tooths?
Baby teeth.
Ok, whats a whole lot of Baby Ruths?
Baby Reeths.
A lot of hippos?
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